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Please note:  This site is becoming outdated in its software.  I will keep it through July 2015, but we have brought a new site online at https://sites.google.com/site/mapleridgefun, Here's the link  mapleridgefun  This will be out new site and is ready for viewing.

The Maple Ridge Hog-A-Thon has been a major area event since 2005.  Hundreds of ice anglers from around the region spread out across the 13,000+ acres of Lake Gogebic, in pursuit of their trophy jumbo perch.  Enjoy the day with a cluster of your buddies or go it alone with plenty of elbow room on this enormous body of water. 

We offer great cash prizes and refreshments at the awards ceremony.

The Maple Ridge 9th annual Hog-a-thon of 2014 held some wonderful surprises.  The weather was just about perfect, with temps cool enough to keep the lake surface relatively firm, yet little wind and some sunshine for warmth.   The crew from Eskimo happened to be in town filming a show and joined us at our event.  Tony Aloia and Crew, we love you!  Though we had not planned to give away door prizes this year, there were so many early bird entries that we took a chance and put in a last minute order for them.  As soon as word got out, we also had a number of sponsors come in with donated prizes.  What a fantastic show of support for this event and our contestants.  A list of those contributors will follow, so please look it over and thank them or send some business their way.  They are a first class group!

Eskimo with Tony Aloia, and Gus Pietila of Maple Ridge - Thank you for donating the 10" z51 power auger.

 Grand prize winner was John Berglund Jr.    

Other Sponsors:  Don Sinclair - cash contribution,    Matt Loeffler - hand-crafted curly maple cribbage board,    The Nut Hut - 12 assorted prizes,    Jon "Guy" Sibley - heavy duty ice spud,    Jennings & Company of Wisconsin - T-shirts,    AJ's Walleye Lodge - Sweatshirts and cap,    Tony Piencikowski - reel,     John Wedeward - Vexilar batteries,     Timberline Sports Center - 3 caps and snowmobile oil,     Gary Porath - 2 Teeter Pig rod holders,     Jim Newman - cash contribution,     Mortinsen Co. - T-shirts.  On behalf of Maple Ridge and our Hog-a-Thon contestants we thank you very much!

2 additional cash prizes were awarded this year.  We added a $100 crappie prize, and when the 3rd place perch slot came in at a tie we were able to give both contestants the full $250 each.  (due to the higher than usual number of contestants).  How many did we end up with?  221.  Previous high was 212 contestants.

We were actually able to use our canopy this year, which added a festive atmosphere to the tailgate party.  At the beverage booth we consumed the better part of 2 half barrels of beer and a good bit of pop and bottled water.  Food consumption looked something like this:  50# pork, 20# turkey, 20# cold potato and pasta salads, 10# baked beans, and miscellaneous cookies and chips.  There were 10 perch of 2 pounds or better entered in this year's contest!


Brad Hendrickson takes the 1st place perch Trophy and $1000 with a 2# 2oz. perch.


 Brian Mohr an impressive 2nd Place with a 2# 1 oz. $500    


     Bruce Pfaff ties 3rd place with Greg Miljevich.  Each having a 2# perch with lengths of 14 1/2"  for $250 each.


 Rose Miller takes the $100 Northern Pike Award.      Linda Lesner wins the $100 crappie.  Tyler Rovinski takes both the pre-fish $100 award with his 2# 2 oz. perch and $100 "The Big Sucker Award" with a 5# 9 oz. fish.  No photo was available of Steve Gustafson with his 2# 11 oz. Walleye winner of $250., and Greg Miljevich was called to an emergency before the awards.  Hope all is well Greg!

Many of you are aware that next year (2015) is our 10th Annual Hog-a-Thon, and we are already working out details for a blow out event.  You'll see more on Facebook as we toss ideas around and ask for input.  As plans solidify, we will post below. 

Here's the plan so far.  Some slight changes or additions may occur over the coming months, but will be finalized by December 1, 2014.

10th ANNUAL          2015 Hog-A-Thon

Pre-fish Friday, March 13

Regular, Youth Division, and Women's Division contests on:

Saturday, March 14 (Begins at daybreak, shortly after 8 a.m. ET, with weigh in not later than 5 p.m. ET)

Contest Rules and Info

Note:  To save time at registration I am offering an RSVP  style registration.  Here's how it works:  email me your intention to enter.  This does not commit you to enter, but signifies a strong belief that you will attend.  If you were entered in the 2014 contest, I have your info on file, but let me know if I need to do an update of name, address, phone, and email address.  I am adding a Youth Division and Women's division this year.  Since many names are used by both genders, please indicate on your registration if you are eligible for the Women's division or youth division.  If you did not enter in 2014 or need to update your info, just include it in your email.  Your info is kept only in my file and not shared.  I use this info to track regions that our contestants come from, distance traveled, etc., as quick reference for emergency contact should you get a message from home, and as backup for our taxidermy files.  Your entry will become official when you pay your entry fee.  This can be done by mail if you like or at the Bait Shop, anytime before 10 a.m. on Saturday March 14, 2015.  On Friday or Saturday of the contest weekend you will need to put in an appearance at the Bait Shop.  I will have an ID tag for you and each contestant will have the opportunity to draw for a door prize.  Door prizes will be given away on the spot as you draw.

1)  Entry fee $35, all ages and skill levels welcome.  Optional: Youth Division ONLY entry fee $5 (age 14 and under at time of contest).  Any youth who enters the regular contest, but does not place for a cash prize on Saturday will automatically be entered in the youth division.  Every youth will receive an entry gift/prize.  On regular contest entries, to qualify for Youth division or Women's Division, please note "youth" or "Women's" in your email or on contest entry form.

2)  Friday Pre fish Shop hours 6:00 a.m. ET - 9 p.m. ET.  Fishing may begin at sun up.  You may fish the pre-fish day before paying your entry fee, however, your fee must be paid by 9 p.m. on Friday to be eligible for the cash pre-fish prize.  Both regular and youth contestants are eligible for the pre-fish award.

3)  All Fish must be fresh caught & alive at registration, for both the pre-fish and Hog-a-Thon.  Bring a pail to the lake for transporting your catch in water.  Frozen or semi-frozen fish will not be accepted!  Be prepared to have your photo taken with your fish when you bring it in.

4)  Contending fish may be registered only once.  Qualifying fish will be tagged and held by Maple Ridge until end of contest.

5)  Autopsy may be performed to confirm winners.

6)  Only one cash prize per entrant, excluding pre-fish award.  If you qualify for 2 cash awards, you will be given your choice of which to receive.  If we must choose for you, we will choose the larger of the two awards.  The other will be given to the next qualifying entry. 

7)  Winners will be determined by weight with length as a tiebreaker.  If still a tie, the first weighed-in will be the winner.

7)  Gus' Bait & Taxidermy reserves the right to investigate and contest any entry.

8)  Anyone caught breaking the rules will be disqualified and forfeits all contest privileges.  Any adult caught breaking the rules of the Youth contest may be banned from the Hog-a-Thon for life.  Please help to teach our youth good sportsmanship!

9)  Michigan fishing regulations apply.  Tribal contestants will temporarily suspend their tribal privileges and abide by regular state regulations for the purposes of this contest. 

10)  Saturday:  Shop will open at 6 a.m.  Contest hours are from daybreak until 5 p.m. ET.  Fish must be registered At Maple Ridge BY 5 p.m. ET / 4 p.m. CT.  Prizes will be awarded immediately following, at Maple Ridge.  Join us for awards at our Maple Ridge Tailgate Party.  Food and beverages provided.  Donations accepted for non-contestants wishing to join the meal and festivities.  A donation container will be placed in the Bait Shop.

We plan to have some form of entertainment at the tailgate party.  As our budget is quite limited, I will be looking for donations toward an entertainment fund. We have limited 110 power available so cannot accommodate a band with amplifiers.  Entertainers willing to perform can contact Nettie at (906) 575-3545.  Be aware that you will be performing outdoors, although we will make a good effort to provide some source of warmth/shelter based on your needs and the conditions.

  Weigh-ins will take place at Maple Ridge until 5:00 p.m. ET.  No late weigh-ins!


PRIZES:  Perch:  1st = $1000 + Trophy       2nd = $500 + Trophy          3rd = $250 + Trophy          4th = $100          5th = $50

     Walleye = $250          Northern Pike = $100          Biggest Crappie = $100          Biggest Sucker Award = $100       Friday Pre fish perch = $100

Women's Division = Trophy         

Youth Division 1st Place = $100 + rod & reel + Ribbon       2nd Place = Gear + Ribbon          3rd Place = Gear + Ribbon

    All cash prizes will be awarded, providing there is at least one qualifying entry in the class.

GRAND PRIZE:  (to be determined)  Will be drawn after all other awards are made.  Present your "Regular" contest ID at Announcement Booth at the Tailgate Party and you will be given a ticket to place in the drawing (Youth division ONLY contestants not eligible).  A Warning Announcement will be made approximately 5 minutes before Grand Prize Drawing.  It is the responsibility of each contestant to make sure you enter the drawing for the Grand Prize.  Must be present to win Grand Prize.  There will be a 2 minute window allowed to claim the Grand Prize.  If prize remains unclaimed 2 minutes after winner is announced, it will be re-drawn.

DOOR PRIZES:  I'm working on a system for drawing door prizes.  The general plan is to have each contestant (or their representative) draw from a prize drum.  There will be balls, or tokens of some sort, marked to indicate if it is a door prize winner.  Contestant with a winning (ball or token) will be able to choose their prize from a selection, and each contestant will also receive some bit of memorabilia (like a 10th Annual Hog-a-Thon pen or can coozie or some other useful item).

The Hog Pageant:  Is a costume based contest with a $250 cash prize.  Gus would like to see contestants cross dress in their interpretation of a HOG, but the cross dressing part is not mandatory.  Hog can be interpreted as the contestant likes.  It could a farm type hog or snout or tail, it could be a "hog" fish, or whatever.  Each contestant will need to have their "pageant" name printed on a pageant ribbon (Miss America style, diagonally across the upper body).  Gus gave the example of the name "Hogzilla".  Register your pageant name with Nettie so it cannot be used by others for this contest.  I will have a limited number of ribbons and a marker available for those who forget.  Judges may apply by giving their names to Nettie.  Judges will be chosen from the pool on the day of the contest.

Finalized details will be updated by December 1, 2014  


Pre-fish Friday, fresh caught, live perch can be entered at Maple Ridge Bait Shop until 9 p.m. ET.  If you have not already entered the Hog-a-Thon, you must register when you bring in your pre-fish entry in order for the perch to qualify for the pre-fish award.  Entered perch will be left at Maple Ridge until closing of the Hog-a-Thon judging (If you allow us to clip fins, you may take your entry perch with you on Friday).

Saturday, Hog-a-Thon:  Registration RSVP may be done by email if you like (see instructions above, noted under the Contest Rules and Info Heading).  Entry fee may be mailed, or delivered on arrival the weekend of the contest.  Don't forget to pick up your ID tag during the week before the contest, before fishing Saturday.  Your ID tag will be used, to get your Grand Prize entry at the start of the Tailgate Party, when tagging fish, and perhaps as a quick reference for taxidermy paperwork. 

6 a.m. ET Maple Ridge opens.  Fishing may begin at sun-up.

10 a.m. ET  Ticket sales close

After the Hog-a-Thon, join us for a tailgate party at Maple Ridge.  We will provide Free food and beverages with a bonfire and entertainment.  Bring a chair.

Sun- up till 5 p.m. ET  Bring your live perch, walleyes, Northern Pike, Crappie, and Sucker entries to Maple Ridge Bait for registration.

4:30 ET Buffet line & Beverage stand open

5 p.m. Winners are calculated.

Gus will wrap fish for taxidermy at the bait shop.

Cash and Grand Prize will be awarded at the Hog-a-Thon Shack as the meal winds down, entertainment to follow awards. 

  You must be 21 years of age to drink on Maple Ridge property, and to be served beer.  Please drink responsibly.  If you need transportation to local lodging, please let us know.  Don't drink & drive!!! 

Email us at: 906mapleridge.com or phone Nettie at (906) 575-3545

TO REGISTER You may RSVP by emailing your info to 906mapleridge@gmail.com and pay your fee on arrival at Maple Ridge (before fishing Saturday).  Or you may mail your info and check as noted on the sample form below.

We need your:  NAME     ADDRESS     PHONE #     &     E-MAIL ADDRESS (if you have one), If you will be14 years of age or younger at the time of the contest, please include the word "youth" with your registration.  Women wishing to also be considered for the Women's Division Trophy please indicate "Women's Div."  There is no additional fee to be included in the women's division.

Return entry fee (cash or check) entry fee to Maple Ridge.  Entries are accepted on site at Maple Ridge every day, with special hours as noted above. 

Regular Contest Entry fee is $35.  Youth Only Entry fee is $5

Optional, Registration Form (using your mouse, select and print just the form)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mail to:  Maple Ridge, 35802 Hwy. M-28, Merriweather, MI  49947

NAME:_____________________________________________                                                                 CONTEST YEAR: 2015

ADDRESS:_________________________________________________________             $35.00 Entry FEE for regular Hog-a-Thon   _____

                _________________________________________________________           $ 5 Entry Fee for Youth Only Division          _____

PHONE #:_(_______)___________________________                                                   Please include me in the Women's Division _____  

E-MAIL: __________________________________________________                      

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Physical Location:  35782 Hwy. M-28, Bergland, MI  49910 (2 miles west of Bergland on M-28)


(Contact by mail) Maple Ridge

35802 Hwy. M-28,

Marenisco, MI  49947

Lodging and Contest Mangement, Nettie (906) 575-3545       

Have questions?  Email: 906mapleridge@gmail.com

For Fishing, Bait & Taxidermy needs, Email Gus at: guspietila@gmail.com Gus' Land Line (906) 365-5050


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